Weezie's Candy Emporium is home to over 200 various candies and confections.  We take pride in our search to find unique items that are not easily found elsewhere.  We have special categories such as "Nostalgic" and "Organic" as well as many other specialty and gourmet options.  Come by and see us - there is something special for everyone at Weezie's!

  • Retro Candy
    ABBA ZABBA Sour Taffy  - Strawberry
    ABBA ZABBA Taffy Wild  - Berry
    Atomic Fireball Medium Jawbreakers
    BB Bats  - Banana
    BB Bats  - Strawberry
    Big League Chew Bubble Gumballs With Baseball Player Bobblehead
    Big League Chew  - Grape
    Big League Chew  - Original
    Big League Chew - Sour Apple
    Big League Chew  - Watermelon
    Candy Braclette
    Candy Buttons
    Candy Necklace
    Claey's Old Fashion Candy Drops - Cherry
    Claey's Old Fashion Candy Drops - Cinnamon
    Claey's Old Fashion Candy Drops - Lemon
    Cow Tales - Chocolate
    Cow Tales - Strawberry
    Cow Tales - Vanilla
    Dubble Bubble Gum
    FruitStripe Gum
    Fun Dip
    Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum
    Junior Mints
    Coconut Long Boys
    Mega Double Lollies
    Necco Original Assorted Candy Wafers
    Old Fashion Candy Stick - Rootbeer
    Old Fashioned Candy Stick - Cotton Candy
    Old Fashioned Candy Stick - Tutti- Fruiti
    Old Fashioned Candy Stick - Watermellon
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Banana
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Blueberry
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Cherry
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Grape
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Green Apple
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Lemon
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Lemon Lime
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Orange Pineapple
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Raspberry
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Strawberry
    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks - Tangerine
    Pixy-Stix Giant Straws
    Pop Rocks - Blue Razz
    Pop Rocks - Cherry
    Pop Rocks - Cherry Cola
    Pop Rocks - Grape
    Pop Rocks - Green Apple
    Pop Rocks - Strawberry
    Pop Rocks - Tropical Punch
    Pop Rocks - Watermelon
    Psychedelic Jawbreaker 1"
    Psychedelic Jawbreaker 2 1/4"
    Psychedelic Jawbreaker 2 1/4" on a Stick
    Razzles - Original
    Razzles - Sour
    Rock Candy
    Rock Candy Sticks - Assorted Flavors
    Salt Water Taffy
    Sugar Daddy Pops
    Tootsie Rolls/MidgetRolls
    Wax Lips
    Wax Mustache
    Wax Sticks
    Zotz Fizz Sours - Apple
    Zotz Fizz Sours - Blue Razz
    Zotz Fizz Sours - Cherry
    Zotz Fizz Sours - Grape
    Zotz Fizz Sours - Orange
    Zotz Fizz Sours - Watermelon
  • Chocolate
    Chocolate Gold Coins
    Chocolate Malt Balls
    Espresso Beans In Dk Chocolate
    Hammonds  - Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar
    Hammonds - Malted Milkshake Milk Chocolate Bar
    Hammonds - Pigs & Taters Milk Chocolate Bar
    Hammonds - Sea Side Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar
    Hammonds -  Sea Side Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar
    Hershey Kisses
    Jordan Almonds
    Pearsons Peppermint Patties
    Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups

  • Fudge
    Chocolate Fudge
    Chocolate Nut Fudge
    Death By Chocolate Fudge
    Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

  • Truffles & Toffee
    Chocolate Coated Almond Butter Toffee
    English Toffee
    Milk Chocolate Birthday Cake Truffle
    Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Truffle
    White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Truffle
    Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Truffle
    Dark Chocolate True Chocolate Cake Truffle

  • European/Imported Candy
    Sour Laces - Blue Raspberry
    Sour Laces - Green Apple
    Sour Laces - Strawberry

  • Gumballs
    Gourmet Super Gumballs in Various Differnet Colors
    Home Run Bubble Gum Bat

  • Gummi Candy
    Gummi Army Guys

  • Gummi Bears - Green Apple
    Gummi Bears - Blue Rasberry
    Gummi Bears- Grape
    Gummi Bears-Peach
    Gummi Bears - Pineapple
    Gummi Bears- Pink Grapefruit
    Gummi Bears- Strawberry
    Gummi Bears- Watermelon
    Gummi Bears- Wild Cherry

    Gummi Rings - Blue Raspberry
    Gummi Rings - Peach
    Gummi Rings - Watermelon

    Sour Power Belts
    Swedish Fish

  • Cotton Candy
    Made to order from our very own Cotton andy Machine!

  • Hard Candy
    Assorted Sour Balls
    BONZ Dog Bone Candy
    Candy Blox
    Candy Blox In A Box
    Assorted Sour Chews
    Watermelon Sour Chews

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty Bubble Gum
    Hello Kitty Nerd Candy Tin

  • "Jelly Belly" Jelly Beans
    A&W Root Beer
    Bubble Gum
    Cotton Candy
    Creme Soda
    Crushed Pineapple
    Fruit Bowl
    Island Punch
    Lemon Lime
    Orange Crush
    Sour Cherry
    Tutti Fruitti
  • Lollipops - Various Colors/Flavors
    1.5oz Round
    3oz Round
    8oz Square
    2.5 oz Propeller Swirl
    1 oz Swirl
    2.5 oz Swirl
    Star Wars Swirly Pop (2 oz)

  • M&M Color Works - specialty colored M&M Candies
    &M Royal Blue
    M&M Purple
    M&Ms Dark Pink
    M&Ms Green
    M&Ms Light Blue
    M&Ms Orange
    M&Ms Pink
    M&Ms Red
    M&Ms White
    M&Ms Yellow

    NibMor Dark Chocolate Daily Dose (.35 oz) - Extreme
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Daily Dose (.35 oz) - Original
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Daily Dose (.35 oz) - Mint
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - Almond
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - Crispy
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - Extreme
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - Mint
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - Original
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - 6 Spice
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar (2.2 oz) - Sea Salt
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar w/ Super Fruits (1 oz) - Blueberry
    NobMor Dark Chocolate Bar w/ Super Fruits (1 oz) - Cherry
    NibMor Dark Chocolate Bar w/ Super Fruits (1 o) - Cacao Nibs

    Tori & Howard Hard Candy (2 oz tin) - Blood Orange & Honey
    Tori & Howard Hard Candy (2 oz tin) - D'Anjou Pear & Cinnamon
    Tori & Howard Hard Candy (2 oz tin) - Meyer Lemon & Raspberry
    Tori & Howard Hard Candy (2 oz tin) - Pink Grapefruit & Tupelo Honey
    Tori & Howard Hard Candy (2 oz tin) - Pomegranate & Nectarine   
    Tori & Howard Chewie Fruities - Assorted Flavors

  • Drinks
    Bottled Sodas : Coke, Fanta & Sprite
    Can Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

  • Specialty Bottled Drinks
    Boylan Cream Soda
    Boylan Ginger Ale
    Boylan Grape Soda
    Boylan Orange Sod
    Boylan Root Beer
    Boylan Cherry Soda
    Izze Sparling Blackberry
    Izze Sparkling Clementine
    Izze Sparkling Grapefruit

  • Specialty Candy
    It's A Boy Bubblegum Cigars
    It's A Girl Bubblegum Cigars
    It's A Boy Chocolate Cigars
    It's A Girl Chocolate Cigars
    Candy Cigarettes



Weezie's is NOT just about Candy!

We have some many amazing gift options for every age.  From customized candy baskets to Emoji pillows, Weezie's is the place to get the perfect gift for someone special!



We create custom candy gift bags and baskets - you tell us your budget, what and who the gift is for and we will create the perfect combination of sweetness!  

Also - prepackaged gift packages ready for pick up and go!

Custom Gift Baskets

A gift basket from Weezie's is a special treat.  We create each gift specifically made to your needs, budget AND we can customize with your colors, company logo and/or special event sticker, theme or logo!


Everyday Happiness in a Gift Basket

Birthday, Anniversary, Thanks you or Just Because.  We an create a gift basket full of happiness and tasty treats.
ALSO - perfect option for your WEDDING PARTY, out of town guests and for those amazing teacher and coaches in our lives!

Are there specific flavors, colors or items your would like included?
Would you like your logo or colors used?
Corporate Gift Baskets Dec 2017.png

Corporate baskets

These gift baskets allow you to show your clients and other business associates that you "went the extra mile".  We can create gifts with gourmet chocolates and specialty treats that make a good impression and help you stand out.  Our corporate baskets can be branded with your business information, logo, and colors.

Holiday Gift Baskets.jpg

holiday happiness

Holidays are super sweet withe a gift basket from Weezie's.  We can create something special for everyone on your list!

We have an awesome space in the back of our store that is perfect for your next celebration.  Decorated in typical "Weezie's form", our party room is equipped with 4 six foot long tables and 24 bright and various colored chairs.  Our party room has its own entrance and lots of parking for your guests.  Call us today for more information - 205-703-8163.

Basic Rental 

Fee = $50.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours). 

  • Set-up/decorating time  time is included in your 2 hours, so please plan accordingly when you create your invite.  We suggest you advertise your party starting :30 after you rental time (ex: party is 10-12, then invite states 10:30 - 12)

Rental fee includes the following:

  • Facility rental with private entrance and adequate parking for up to 15 party guests (Parents/Guardians of guests are not included in this number - they are encouraged to attend at no additional charge)
  • Candy Craft/Activity - based on age of participants

In our basic plan, the guest of honor is welcome to bring his/her own food, drinks and cake/cupcakes.  

Specialty Party Options:

  • Character visit - you choose from Anna, Elsa, Belle, Wonder Woman and/or a Storm Trooper!  Let these special guests join your party for fun and excitement!  These special guests are thrilled to visit the birthday boy or girl! 
    Fee = $50.00 per character appearance.  Typical appearance is for 30 minutes, but a longer time may be negotiated for an additional fee.
  • 100% Weezie - For an additional fee, Weezie’s can take care of everything for you: paper goods, pizza, drinks, cupcakes or birthday cake and candles.  Pricing is a la carte - ask for our Optional Products/Service pricing list!
  • Party Gifts:  Weezie’s can create a special gift just for your birthday - a custom candy basket for the guest of honor! 

ON-LOCATION PARTIES - Let’s Weezie’s come to you and transform your special day into a magical wonderland based on your party theme!  We can create a bright and beautiful “Candyland", a “Frozen Escape” or a “Funky Sweet 16”.  We have a creative crew of event planners who can take your party to the next level.  For more information, please contact Weezie’s at 205-703-8163.  Decor and pricing are subject to specifics outlined when you meet with one of our party professionals.

Weezie’s Party Room Reservation Notes:

~ Party dates are generally available: Saturdays 10a - 12p; 1p-3p &  4p-6p AS WELL Weekdays after school   

~ After reserving a party date, you must submit a completed Birthday Party Contract and a deposit(See contract for payment details. We cannot accept party contracts without the required deposit!)

~ We will email you upon receipt of your contract and deposit to confirm the reservation.

~ Reservation Conflicts-  If you have reserved a party date but have not yet sent in your party contract and deposit, and another parent expresses interest in the same date, we will notify you of the situation and give you “first option” to submit your contract and deposit.  You will have 24 hours to submit your contract and deposit before losing priority. Once the date is offered to both parents, it is first contracted, first scheduled!

 Weezie’s Candy Emporium is a boutique candy & gift destination.  We specialize in unique products and services.  Our event staff is highly qualified with over 30 years experience.  We deliver creative, stylish and elegant celebrations.

  We have various confectionary and floral partners who can provide the most delectable and beautiful additions to our CANDY BUFFETS. We also offer personalized and molds and “candy printing” to make your special day stand out.



Our buffets pricing is specific to your needs - please call or email us for more infromaton. The basic package includes:
•Candy (number of varieties as outlined below)
•Rental of containers & serving utensils
•Linens (you may provide your own)
•Decorative fabric table topper (you may provide)
•Plain glassine goody bags (choice of two sizes)
•Custom candy container labels or menu
•Leftover candy is yours to keep!

Our minimum number of servings is 50


For a guest list of 50-100 people, you will have 4-5 different types of candy*. This includes one chocolate selection from our list.

A guest list of 101-200 people will have a buffet of 6-7 types of candy, including one chocolate selection.

Celebrations including 201-300 guests will receive 8-9 types of candy in their buffet. You will be able to choose two chocolate options from our list.

Guest lists of 301 guests and up will have 10-11 types of candy, including the selection of two chocolate options.

*Each buffet display will include a minimum of six containers. Some candy may be duplicated to achieve the desired visual effect.


We offer several additional options which are available as an upgrade to our basic service, for an additional fee.

•Staffing of Buffet for duration of event
•Personalized bag/box labels and tags
•Additional chocolate candy selections
* Specialty Cotton Candy
* Popcorn Buffet addition
* Cupcakes, fudge, truffles, and specialty candy

Looking for something else? We can probably do it - just ask!



We are located in Homewood, Alabama. Our standard service area includes the Birmingham Metro area. We welcome events outside this area, but a travel charge of $.50 per mile beyond our standard area will be charged in addition to your buffet cost.

Events located more than two hours drive time from Birmingham may also require you to provide overnight accommodations, depending on the end-time of your event. Please feel free to inquire if you have specific questions relating to the location of your event and travel charges.

Events are more fun at Weezie's!

2017 Holiday Break Camps at Weezie's are sure to exceed all expectations of our families!  Parents can be assured that our camps are very thought out and kept small so that we can focus on each child.  Children will be super excited to come each day!

$40 per day per child
Siblings and multiple sessions receive a 15% discount
For more details, call us at 703-8163 or email us at weeziescandy@gmail.com

1/2 Fee payment due at registration, balance due on day of camp.
Pack a lunch - we will provide snacks & drinks.

Holiday Camp 2017.jpg
Student Name *
Student Name
Choose Camp You are Registering For: *